Soul Coaching

A four weeks program to initiate positive and sustainable changes into your life


This program is ideal for people who wish to acquire tools and knowledge about the energy system with the intention to better navigate emotions, understand the source of our actions and reactions to the recurring patterns that prevent us from moving forward. Throughout the four weeks of practice, we offer knowledge on the energy system and the basic tools to rebalance your inner rhythms to allow for inner peace over the long term. Breathing exercises, guided meditations as well as a personal routine schedule will be co-defined and adapted to your needs to insure that the transformations manifested during the program last and the healthy habits acquired endure the storm of everyday life.

Our SOUL COACHING program takes place in 4 phases, and for an optimal results and powerful transformations, it is crucial that participants invest themselves fully and actively participate in all practices during the program and trust the process as well as the expert guidance provided. The program involves several Reiki sessions that are meant to initiate changes on the vibrational levels and cultivate awareness of the mental and spiritual level. This will provide the foundations for profound changes and breaking through old emotional patterns and traumas to become the best version of yourself and to embrace your full potential!




  • Learn and understand the energetic system, concepts of chakras, aura,energy field, etc.

  • Understand and experience what is the meaning and implication of an holistic approach to wellness and personal development.

  • What is energy healing and how to use it for self care.

  • First session reiki distance: Detox the energetic body practice followed by debrief and guidance.

  • Second reiki distance: Restore the balance. Guided practice and Debrief


Healing and self care practice

  • Self healing meditation.

  • Grounding technique

  • How to protect your energy field

  • How to connect to our inner wisdom and intuition.

  • Recognize our energy levels and inner weakness and how to deal with it on daily basis.

  • Third reiki session: back to the source. Guided practice and Debrief



  • Breathing technique to clear the mind and energetic body.

  • How to create sacred space.

  • Intentional and personal journal.

  • Mindfulness practice

  • Design self-care.

  • Fourth reiki session: Realignment and integration of the soul. Guided practice and Debrief


Set up new goals

  • Summary of The soul integration.
  • Guidance towards the inner work.
  • Dream board activity.